Journey Maps and Service Blueprint

TL:DR notes for The difference between a journey map and a service blueprint

Journey Map — learn what your customers’ are experiencing

Service blueprint — figure out what we can do to improve that experience


Important concept in service design.

  • Front stage
  • Backstage
  • Behind the scene

Journey Map

From customer’s point of view, narrating the end-to-end experience of front stage happenings. A journey map tells a good story that illustrates all the actions they take, thoughts and feeling they have.

See what user sees, feel what user feels. Journey mapping builds empathy.

Journey map is an aggregation of experiences from customer research and domain experience, not a single customer.

Service Blueprint

Service blueprint focuses on exposing surface-to-core of the business — backstage and behind the scenes on what we have to do to deliver a good experience at front stage.

Data visualization of how the company works! (both product and service)

How to build one

  • Pick one end-to-end journey, which is called a scenario
  • For each step, go through all resources, people, systems, components required that allows customer to go to the next step (This is the blueprinting facilitating sessions)


Stack of action items that we can prioritize and solve. And most importantly everyone in the team is on the same page.

Keep in Mind

These tools and methods exposes objectively the current reality of the company interacting with its customers.

Service blueprint uncovers a viable way to put together an offering that delivers expectable experience at front stage.