What is a MVP

TL:DR notes — MVP is a smallest working product of your ultimate product. Think of MVP as new born babies as fully functioning human being, just in the smallest form that offers one user value — bringing joy to the family, with one key feature — breathing (Ok they do more than just this but let’s just pretend that’s that).

It’s Minimal

Focus on one assumption. Figure out one value you can deliver to users using one feature that you can build the easiest way. If you can manual it, don’t write code.


Problem: People sucks at controlling spending.

Solution: Logging expenses will help people gain awareness of their spending. Therefore controlling it.


  1. Logging expenses will change users behavior
  2. Users will log expenses

If #1 is false, then we need to figure out another way to help users gain awareness. And absolutely no point building #2.

Feature: user’s expenses are logged and shown back to them.

Ways to get to the feature:

a. Build an app that allow user to log expense

b. Manually log it

c. And many other ways…

Focus on that one feature, don’t feature creep yo.

It’s Viable

User can get what you promised them. If you are manual-ing it, make sure you have a tested workflow. If you have something built, it has to function.

It’s all about delivering value to users.

It’s a Product

Make it feel complete to the users. Again if you are manual-ing it, users should feel they know what to do with you and are comfortable handing you stuff. If it’s an app then slap in some proper on-boarding, UI, etc.

At The End Of the Day…

MVP is one way to build a successful product. It’s probably not the only way.

So what other ways? Here is a piece I found super helpful.