Chill Out Wednesday #16

Quick one…

Sorry for the delay in posting, OP is working AFK at the moment! (Damn day job and it's unexpected demands!)

Thought I'd use this week's post to promote the first of a bunch of new #free releases...

There will be a loads more information soon but basically this is the start of a whole heap of free downloads from Route 1 Audio in 2017, featuring tracks from a whole roster of #independent artists, all closely associated with (the newly expanded collective,) Route 1 Audio. More on that soon too.

This track is called Home and for some reason when I was making it, I felt "at home". Added some vocals to make that stick and here we are; home.

Just sorting the release now but the summary is that this is a #chilled #atmospheric one that I want everyone to feel warm and comfortable listening to. The forthcoming press release will explain more.

I write music to scenery in my head so when it's out properly, I'll share my thoughts on the imagery too :-)

Keep you posted - release any minute - you will know first, just wanted to get it out there now!


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