I limp from sun to shadow
My heart full and swollen
By dueling emotions in my chest.
Its expanse is such I can’t breathe
As it crawls up and settles 
Firmly beating in my throat,
Pressing against my windpipe
I weakly try to keep it down.

In an explosive moment
These feelings escape out my mouth
Projectile flutters of words
Also force out a stream of warm tears.

Crouched down on the side of this road
Holding back my own hair.
One hand keeps it from the splash back,
The other feebly braces me
In this stagnant fragile moment.
I can’t hear anyone but myself.
A violent purge of the heart.
Realizations and proclamations.

Like a sudden impact, it forces
An exposure of my insides.
Littered across the ground
Now here, on view. Don’t miss
A smashed and shattered mess.
Its smeared like paints across
My life’s tattered, old canvas.

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