Harvard LIL Fellowship — Part 5

  1. Host the case law decisions full text on Wikisource. Create a Wikisource resource for each case law full text decision and basic metadata. Then work to have these ingested into Wikidata, as the U.S. Supreme Court decisions were created. Once that is complete you could enrich the metadata on Wikidata with Judge names, identifiers, etc.
  2. Work to create a Wikidata bot that generates these decision’s entities on Wikidata. With some remediation each decision could be populated with some data, for example:
instance type (P31) : Illinois Appellate Court decision (QxNEW),
applies to jurisdiction (P1001) : Illinois (Q1204),
point in time (P585) : 1905-03-23,
legal citation of this text (P1031) : 166 Ill. 2d 1,
label : "The people of the state of Illinois vs xxxxx",
docket number (PxNEW) : 74704,
author (P50) : Joseph Gary (Q6283370)
harvard caselaw id (PxNEW): 12345
Finding Illinois Supreme Court opinions written by women who were also politicians.
Finding opinions written by judges who were also authors and fought in the American Civil War.
Looking at other possible entities extracted and linked in the Illinois Supreme Court opinions




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