Harvard LIL Fellowship — Week 3

Multiple names:
"Mr. Justice Underwood, Mr. Chief Justice Solfis­burg, and Mr. Justice Schaefer,"
"Lawrence, Chief Justice, Scott, Justice, and McAllis­ter, Justice"
Various abbreviations for justice positions:
"Perlin, C.J."
"O'Connor, P. J."
"Parmer and Cooke, JJ.:"
Non-name decisions:
"Opinion per Curiam."
batchcomplete: "",
query: {
normalized: [{
from: "Joseph_Phillips_(judge)",
to: "Joseph Phillips (judge)"
pages: {
31025091: {
pageid: 31025091,
ns: 0,
title: "Joseph Phillips (judge)",
pageprops: {
defaultsort: "Phillips, Joseph",
wikibase_item: "Q6286242"
Redacted front matter page (or is it a Kazimir Malevich)
Identifying the judge name front matter pages




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Matt Miller

Matt Miller

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