Patented Screenshots

Matt Miller
4 min readJun 5, 2018


I came across quite a few screenshots included in patent application for early(ish) websites/technologies. I love being able to see the old web environment, reskinned IE, stacks of toolbars, random applications open in the Windows taskbar. I also like very much the xerox aesthetics and general bizarreness. Here are few, in no particular order:

1999 — Browser based web site generation tool and run time engine

Paint Shop

2004 — Methods and apparatus for collecting and displaying performance metrics from a web site

2005 — Methods, systems, and products for updating web content

cross browser

2004 — World wide web directory for providing live links

Archive —

2000 — Web based dating service with weighted interests matching

skinned browser

1999 — Method and system of facilitating automatic login to a web site using an internet browser

RealJukebox in the background

2004-Method and system for filtering website content


2000 — Changing hypermedia content of a web site


2008 — Web content capturing, packaging, distribution

jQuery and email “U in to g…”

2001 — Method and apparatus for integrated, user-directed web site text

2007 — System for operating educational website for promoting parent and teacher involvement

Redeem your Taco Supreme

2000 — Methods and apparatus for allowing internet based purchases based on a temporary credit card number

sears cerdit

2004 — Enhanced interface utility for web-based searching

2003 — System and method for toy adoption and marketing

2000 — Instantaneous price quotation system for custom manufactured parts

2005 — System and method for generating enhanced depiction of electronic files such as web files

2005 — Search apparatus and method for providing a collapsed search

2000 — Apparatus and method for transmitting information from signage to portable computing device, and system utilizing same

IE for Macintosh

2003 — Online gift registry service

Rod’s Console

2005 — Command Engine

Stop Searching and Start Commanding the Web — Toolbars: stacks on stack on stacks

2008 — Systems and Methods for Capturing, Organizing, and Sharing Data

pj harvey

2004 — Systems And Methods For Generating A User Interface

Homestar Runner

2005 — Indicating website reputations during an electronic commerce transaction

2001 — Systems and methods for internet reward service

2006 — System And Method For Providing Transactional Security For An End-User Device

Screenshot of video player

2005 — Method and apparatus for interacting with a visually displayed document on a screen reader

screen reader parrot

2006 — QuickView — combination of system and software components which enables search engine users to quickly identifiying relevant search returned results using visual images as references


2002 — Wager management service that allows individuals to make electronic wagers directly with other individuals

I bet my Toshiba DVD player