Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there- Unknown Author.

What things could you achieve if you allowed yourself to step out of your comfort zone? If you stopped letting fear hold you back from your full potential?

The comfort zone is a nice and easy place. It feels safe. You know the outcome of every single thing you do, therefore you are not anxious about anything. It is simply a beautiful place. We, as humans, crave that safety a lot. However, nothing grows in the safety and easiness.

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New experiences force us to move from safety and enter the risk zone. Stepping out of the comfort zone means doing things you wouldn’t normally do. It means immersing yourself in activities you are not necessarily comfortable doing but are essential. With that comes growth.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable. You could have worked so hard in the past years and finally, you can now sit down, take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s alright. Being too comfortable to the point where opportunities pass you by is where the issue is.

Here are a few examples of being in your comfort zone;

  • Being at a job you don’t like or where you are not earning enough for your skills and not making any effort to find a better job or try something else.
  • In relationships, being in the comfort zone manifests as putting no effort towards better your relationship. Things like going out on dates, gifting each other, and setting time to be alone together are foregone.
  • Not exercising when you can for no reason at all. You know you need to lose some of the unhealthy weight you’ve put on, yet you still go on with unhealthy eating, no movement or exercise, etc.
  • Having an activity that you want to pursue, say reading, learning a new language, public speaking, going out more, etc, but always giving excuses as to why you cannot do it today.

Let’s challenge ourselves for this remaining half of 2022, to become better versions of ourselves. To move beyond what makes us feel comfortable and safe. To venture into the unknown and what makes us feel vulnerable and see the outcome.

If it’s that business you’ve been meaning to start, take that leap of faith and do it.

If your goal is to write more, then set a schedule for it, research those articles, and find someone to keep you accountable.

If your goal was to learn a new language, actually take steps towards it. Start with 15 minutes a day today.

If you are unsatisfied with your job, start taking active steps toward changing that. Ask for that raise and save up for your side hustle to supplement your income.

Let us break away from the familiar and take steps towards greatness. You already know what you deserve and what you can do if you put your mind to it. Do it afraid.

Tell me in the comments below how you plan on stepping out of your comfort zone.



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Monicah Waiyaki

I enjoy writing about wellness, lifestyle, and finance. My favorite thing in the world is reading.