Tell me though: how can Diana not doubt herself when she is constantly told “you’re not an Amazon like the rest of us,” with no context to that dismissive statement (eg, because you’re better than the rest of us), when the information about who she really is, is constantly withheld. How does withholding information help her grow? She could have trained so much harder, so much more powerfully if only she had known.
You’re not that great, Diana
Susie Kahlich

As an American Black woman, can’t help but feel a little (ok, a lot) SOMFL. It calls to mind how thoroughly Black history and non-Black PoC histories are being eradicated, both through seeming negligence (because STEM!) or outright prejudice, racism, and ill intent (see here and here). I want to be here for Wonder Woman, and I’m appreciative of this read because I agree with it. I can’t help, at the very same time, feel incredibly annoyed with the irony.

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