I’m curious — who included the post-script at the end of the piece, the writer or the editor?
Sumayya Tobah

Thank you for the response, Ben. It is greatly appreciated, and as a journalist, I understand where you’re coming from. But I can’t help but feel it contradicts with the overall tone of the piece. The whole story is sharing the events from this one particular family’s perspective. The lines (both within and after) the piece discrediting them makes me, as the reader, think “well, whats the point of continuing to read this. It’s all probably made up anyways.” A balanced piece would also talk to members of the military, or at least military supporters, prison guards — do you see where I’m going with this?

You could have easily written “The events and opinions in this piece are from the perspective of the X family and do not represent the views of Latterly as a whole” or something to that effect, which does not come off as though you are suggesting that your main characters, the women you spent so many words building a relationship with, cannot be trusted.

I truly do understand where you’re coming from and I thank you for your time and attention to detail.

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