A compilation of coding interview tips I’ve given as a tutor/mentor/course facilitator. Will update as I get time to put more tips together!

Random whiteboard coding shot from a student profile photoshoot.


  • When starting your interview prep journey, try to not look at answers — struggle through it and force yourself to think of different ways to get unstuck. Focus on your problem solving skills at this stage.
  • Once you’ve done a lot of practice, shift your focus to getting exposure to a breadth of questions. …

And Everything In Between

This past summer, I interned at NETSCOUT Systems, Inc., a leading provider of application and network performance management products. My time there afforded me the perfect opportunity to dig deep into the magical powers of Ruby on Rails.

Every Monday, managers from each of NETSCOUT’s software engineering locations hold a “scrum of scrums” meeting to go over their team’s progress that week. Prior to the meetings, they would each spend an hour or so pulling data from Rally, an online agile process management software that the company uses. They would then manually generate graphs and charts in PowerPoint slides, type…

I was going through Kevin Skoglund’s Git Essential Training on Lynda.com and decided to take some notes for personal reference. You can contribute at the GitHub repository for the cheatsheet — all suggestions are welcome!

  1. Installing Git
  2. Getting Started
  3. Making Changes to Files
  4. Undoing Changes
  5. Ignoring Files
  6. Navigating the Commit Tree
  7. Comparing commits
  8. Branching
  9. Merging
  10. Stashing Changes
  11. Remotes
  12. Terminology
  13. Great Resources

timothychen.me | software engineer, web developer, event producer, hackathon organizer, videographer. swe @google. former swe intern @lyft, @google.

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