Nothing is everything

This one is for our lover.

There are those of us and you who come from nothing and we have everything to lose. Because those who have everything to lose have inundated us with their distractions. Buy all. Buy all. Till you can think. No. No. No. No. Till you can’t dream and they come get you in their nightmares.

Someone please tell us who they are. Come introduce yourself. May we know you? Can we make your acquaintance? Post of which we will ask a million and one a million and ones. But you wrote that before. Your pen grows heavy. Your hand grows weary. You feel as if nothing you say will ever make it to anywhere and those who have come before will have overtaken you long before it was appointed for them to leave you behind.

But the consolation remains the same! You will leave someone behind as someone has left you behind. And you have to work work work till you drop drop. Blood. And water. Tears and sweat to nourish your taste buds. Where is she now?

If you expect this to work it will.

“Only thing is,” Jancke paused, looking painfully at her brother Steven, “I feel like I’m the correct and you are the wrong,” she finally blurted. “But how can you?!” Steven restrained himself from being upset at Jancke’s comment. She was fond of telling him off because she had long seen the world and when it came time for their parents to send Steven away, her mom couldn’t bear to let her only son, Steven, go so far from home.

Jancke had come up with the plan to trick Steven into believing that their mom had a terminal illness. He stayed at home another two years till their mother remarried and no longer cared so much to see his face.

Steven went on,

“I have to make my art in a shed.” The heat in case you haven’t noticed had been out of normal. And his work was none the lesser in spite of the conditions. He instead excelled beyond his usual scope. Oh no Jancke had no right to use the painful tone with him.

A man who works hard is never wrong. And the woman who calls him wrong is always right. They have no choice. They must reconcile. They must find joy. They must agree after all the pain. And come to terms with joy in suffering.

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