Moon child.

For Raih.

you, moon child of Jannah
 crescented street that shelters greatness
 you with depth of the ocean bed
 sat behind in P308
 frame resting on your nose trunk
 every part of you beaming with brilliance
 from afar I adored you

you're fountain of words
 giving birth to my river of ink
 a motif of arpeggios; your every word is a rhythm
 calming my turbulence, showing me the music in the flow
 when I try to remind you 
 that I am sun
 shining on that buni yadi morning,
 you ask me, "the same sun that graces the heavens with rainbows?
 the same sun that gives life to the green of leaves?"

you're the poem I hope to write
 breathing metaphor from Warsan's book:
 your very existence is with intense meaning
 I flounder within lines a spineless lyric
 until you whisper: "this is how stanzas are born"
The nights spreads her raven wings
 and earth trembles in the shadows
 till morn, regardless, you're light
 shining enough to outwit darkness
 light shining enough to be acknowledged by the sun