White Noise
Son of Baldwin

People saying Richard should have been more considerate are being silly. I’ve lived in apartment buildings for the last four years, usually with students who are up late partying and being obnoxiously loud. I just deal with it, because that’s part and parcel with living in an apartment building. Y’all need to learn how to live with other people, jeez.

And anyone saying it isn’t about race are being purposefully obtuse. Richard IS black. When you threaten to involve the police, don’t assume your neighbor is white and the police will just give him a warning. Think about the consequences of your threat, because if you do involve the police and something terrible does happen to Richard (which is not unlikely), that’s on you. You just ruined someone’s life because you haven’t learned to deal with other people existing around you.

That’s a reality black people live with. Don’t just assume that it’ll be okay if the police get involved, that’s white privilege in a nutshell and you don’t get a free pass for that.

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