A fun way to keep fit

Bored of working out at gyms? Fitness has a new destination in Mangalore, an alternative workout space.

This is not a room full of treadmills and elliptical machines. It is a spacious studio with barbells, tyres, ropes, kettle bells, ladders and the like.

In April, Suraj Shetty started Ground Sport Fitness in Bejai and there has been no looking back. “This concept is gaining popularity in India. I trained in Bangalore for four years and then decided it is time to bring it to Mangalore.”

Being a first-of-its-kind functional gym, the workouts offered here are engaging .

There is emphasis on strength, mobility and endurance. “Men do not want to look too beefed up anymore. They want to feel good about themselves while pushing their limits.”

There is a lot of emphasis on circuit training and different routines like cardio, Muay Thai (a form of mixed martial arts from Thailand), weight training, yoga and outdoor boot camps.

Kaushik Boloor, the Muay Thai trainer at the centre says, “The art involves a lot of respect — for your teacher and opponent. It is a mixture of boxing and kick-boxing. You are allowed to use elbows and knees.”

Quashing the myth that women are not strong to handle intensive workouts, Shetty maintains that around 40 per cent of his clients are women. “Initially some of them were a little intimidated; now they enjoy the workouts.”

Twisha and Shipra, students studying at AJ College say: “There are no machines. We attempt variations of workouts every day. It has helped improve our concentration and focus. We prefer functional training over Zumba and aerobics.”

This sort of training has also caught the attention of an older crowd. There are members who are over the age of 55. “As you grow older, your coordination goes down. ,” says Shetty.

At the beginning of each one-hour session, the trainers teach the basic movements for the day and the participants then take it forward. As fitness levels vary, the participants work out at their own pace. Weight loss is a by-product. “People seem more fascinated with how strong they have become and how much faster they move,” says Shetty.

The variations ensure that your body doesn’t get used to one type of workout.

You train for real world situations. You do it by yourself and with other people. Thereby having fun as you fight, squat, kick and climb your way to fitness.

For more details, contact 81054 33007, 81054 22 007

Men do not want to look too beefed up anymore. They want to feel good about themselves while pushing their limits

Suraj Shetty


Originally published at www.thehindu.com on September 27, 2014.

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