Allow me to preface my opinions and be clear they are derived and shared on behalf of what I have directly observed over the last year or more during this most recent election cycle. Growing up History was my favorite subject, yet I never really dove into “politics” that much; until the likes of ‘ol Bernie Sanders showed up on the scene. After many hours and cautious research of my own, I began to support him based on his track record of genuine concern for the people of the United States. I specifically mention this to give context to the lens with which I now use to look at how politics are/have been played inside during this history making election cycle. During which I will be referencing the many examples of extreme bias and outright collusion among the mainstream media (MSM), DNC, DOJ, HRC and her staff, and the list can go on and on! Many of these revelations were made prevalent through sources that you and I could probably be able to mutually define as “alternative + media, journalists, organizations, whistleblowers”. I personally liken these as “new media” in contrast to what we know as the MSM.

Argument: MSM is dead. 
Cause of Death: Professional malfeasance

  • The Washington Post ran sixteen negative articles against Bernie Sanders over 16 hours, conveniently ran on, during, and after a crucial primary debate day in Flint, Michigan. (
  • Both the DNC and CNN collude by passing debate questions over to HRC’s team prior to the debate in Flint, Michigan. (NYT)
  • Merely 21 days before Election Day the NYT predicted HRC had a 91% of winning and doubled down on that by saying, “…At this point, even a large polling miss would not be enough for Mr. Trump to win…”. (NYT)
  • That one time where the acting Attorney General, Loretta Lynch (whose office was actively investigating HRC and her damn emails) and Bill Clinton apparently had a “spontaneous meeting” where they discussed their grandchildren, allegedly. WSJ reported it “could cause a political headache for the Hillary Clinton campaign”. (WSJ)
  • Putting the still-ongoing-to-this-day investigation aside, why didn’t Podesta or HRC simply deny the validity or contents of these emails? The most expensive PR and legal minds masterminded the “but Russia” defense tactic of shifting blame for these leaks on RUSSIAN HACKERS! Where any logical and critically thinking individual would conclude they are not worth talking about because they were hacked!
  • Let us remember how MSM covered the emails released by Wikileaks… Instead of informing their audiences of the contents and controversy exposed from theses emails, outlets such as CNN actually told their viewers it was “illegal” to look at them!! (CNN)

But wait, the American people should at least be able to believe our own Intelligence community and what they have to say though, right?

On behalf of the entire US Intelligence community, the DHS and ODNI released a statement saying they are “confident” and “believe” the Russians to be responsible for the leaks. (ODNI) As the acting Director of the ODNI, James Clapper shall live in infamy for committing perjury in front of Congress and the American people by lying in his answer to the question:
“Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?” (HJCBIY) Not sure about you but nothing about either of these examples lend credibility to anything they say these days.

Fast forward to today and in stark contrast, we now have our own IC openly admitting to being the source of these leaks exposing General Flynn. Acting on these anonymous sources, the MSM ran with the Russian narrative once again. To the credit/discredit of the NYT, the most important fact of this story gets buried where they stated, “.. intelligence agencies.. interviewed in recent weeks said that, so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.” (NYT)

The greatest example of New Media rising to relevancy and recognized as an important source of information would be Wikileaks. Reading through the treasure trove of emails they released/leaked on a daily basis back in October was incredible for many reasons. This very organization has been around for 10+ years now and most notably still maintains a perfect track record without retractions or corrections due to the documents they release being proven false or fake. It may not come as a surprise how someone like myself can point to them as a reputable source. Merits that no other organization (at least that I am aware of) can make the same claim. In the event you are others like you were uninformed or made a conscious effort to ignore these emails, may I suggest reading through a curated list of the Top 100 emails and stories behind them?

The US prides itself in being a Democracy for the people, of which New Media should be a natural fit in our this kind of society. This democratic republic is no longer reliant on the MSM and its fake news being spoon fed to us via TV, Newspapers, or Magazines; those mediums are for the birds now. Reason being that today anyone is now able to capture, consume, and share all kinds of noteworthy events and information with social circles of their choosing all by using a cell phone. This ushers in a new era of what some have dubbed “citizen journalists”. Raw, unedited, and uncensored content can be pushed to your circle of 500 or 500k people — instantly! Most importantly this now cuts out the “spin” where MSM would be serving their owners and investors interests before the people’s.

Lets look at it another way: in 60 seconds or less I can personally seek out and begin following anything newsworthy, in real-time that is being shared by individuals who are truly “on the ground”. These content creators and publishers can use social platforms to reach audiences that are magnitudes greater in size than MSM of old.

Irregardless of where we are getting your news, we should always be questioning the story and its timing, its sources, who are the benefactors of such news, etc.. This is something I have begun to practice when seeking out news on Reddit, Twitter, Voat, Youtube, FB, online, etc.

New Media & Topics/Authors of Note not currently being covered by MSM:

George Webb — Best example of citizen journalists from all over the world who are helping to analyze data, compile information, and expose the bigger picture of what the Clinton Foundation, Obama administration, US Govt. have been a part of behind the scenes all these years. Presented in visual storyboard format on his youtube channel, you can learn of the information currently exposing oil and arms pipelines, drug and human trafficking (pedophilia), organ harvesting, government corruption among the US and our allies, etc.. These topics are all covered in 6 parts, starting with his videos titled “Day 109 Part 1” — I highly recommend watching. If anyone should nominated for Pulitzer Prize winning journalism, its this guy. Never have I seen the level and depth of information be gathered and shared in such a manner. Groundbreaking stuff!

(more to come)