TextPuff Sucks

Increase your app downloads, organically fire emoji

TextPuff is a parasitic product. Have a successful product that actually has website visitors, unlike TextPuff? Then add a TextPuff widget for $15–199/month to let them skim off your most qualified traffic while collecting a backlink!

They claim to increase your conversion rates. Naturally, the #1 proof point is the amount of conversion rate increase, right? Nope, it’s simply the internet version of cold-reading: stating a fact that holds true for enough people to make it profitable to claim. Have a 90% bounce rate? Welcome to the club! We’ve got a product that probably won’t budge it.

We have single call-to-action widgets! Including a multi call-to-action version!

If the benevolent founders of JustCall had decided to open-source an internal product that saved them a few lines of code, I’d understand. I mean, they do launch a lot of shitty products. Who wants to write individual text to download widgets for all of those?

Free! For $15/month, you can send 200 texts free!

But instead, they’re charging real dollars for no benefits. I wonder what it actually costs to send a text? At 7.5 cents for small, 3.5 cents for Medium, and 1.99 cents for Large, I’d have to imagine their cost is about 1 cent. Twilio’s pricing seems to agree with me, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just reselling Twilio functionality. Incidentally, why would anyone not on Small buy extra text credits at 5 cents?

What is it with products that have decreasing gross margins on non-fixed costs? If TextPuff is using Twilio or another per-text cost vendor to send texts, the more TextPuff you buy, the less TextPuff profits. Sure, they collect more dollars, but much less margin. Twilio’s fixed pricing makes more sense, as they probably have a ton of fixed cost software investment on top of essentially free infrastructure. The “Advanced” part of “Advanced Analytics” must be a core value proposition I suppose.

Anyway, follow TextPuff on Twitter, but make sure to omit the “e”, or you’ll end up following a sick Call of Duty sniper that has more followers instead.

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