Hanging on to that 1 hour breakfast like death

I prefer to keep my breakfasts free from tensions and capitalism.

Breakfast. Unless I’m late for something, breakfast time carries on for exactly a good hour. This disturbs many people.

My parents, friends and colleagues find it hard to understand. They believe such extravagance should be reserved for weekend brunch.

Ok, weekend brunch for me triples to three hours, because it’s breakfast + lunch = brunch. Maths, come on.

Real pancake from real cafe, eaten in real time of 3 hours just because it was Saturday.

Breakfast meetings are popular — I’ve had to go to a few. It never ceases to amaze me how I see people get plates of food, but I do not recall them eating. Yet, all the plates are cleaned up fairly quick. I imagine some kind of hover system is going on.

Actually, ever since I put more focus on having that one hour breakfast, I’ve been looking forward to getting up at 6:30am. This is normal for many people like parents, folks who live remote or insomniacs, but it is a huge improvement from my 8:30am get up for most of last year.

So why is my breakfast time so long?

Hot breakfast.

I love hot breakfast — hot eggs of some kind, sausages/bacon etc. This takes sweet time.

Catching up with family and friends from overseas.

I’ve got relatives in China and friends in other countries, and morning is a great time to respond to them, or I’ll likely forget.

A funny start to my day.

Comedies are a great way to start my day. I used to read the news. Let’s say that’s such a damper given the year we had for 2016 I felt pretty depressed by the time I’m putting my shoes on. Conan, Steve, the Jimmys etc give news a new spin.

Sometimes I do feel guilty for not been uber productive, and inhale that breakfast in 10 minutes or less. Yet the few times I have tried to do some work, I hardly did anything. Think when I tried to write an email I managed to get to ‘hi’.

I’ve found my morning habit, and it’s sticking like the caramelized banana pancakes I have the time to leisurely make.

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