There is a vast, untapped source of kindness in middle-class white women who squander their power on things like scrapbooking and book clubs where the book is rarely mentioned.
I found Pant Suite Nation to be precious and self-congratulatory.
Carole Sullivan

Thanks for your note Carole.

Three things:

  • I am not here to judge women for ‘scrapbooking and book clubs’ and small talk. Heaven knows we get criticized enough for almost everything we choose to do. Kindness is not scarce. We can be doing all those things AND be kind & just. I am certain of this.
  • I can tell you from experience that 9 out of 10 times when PoC raise the issue of racism, white people try to intentionally/unintentionally make it an issue about class or gender. When a WoC is telling you there is an element of race in the point she is highlighting, please believe her.
  • Your last line is 100% on-point. I hope you are raising this issue with your friends, family and community. We need that.