If he really cares about you, he won’t bounce. If he bounces, he didn’t care about you — so he would’ve bounced after boning anyway.
When you should have sex
Kris Gage

What nonsense! Maybe he bounced because the sex was not to his standard and he also “cares” about having a sexually fulfilling relationship. Maybe you weren’t for him. As someone happy to have sex on a first date with someone I’m into and who can it settle for shit sex, I feel you have your “good sex” logic backwards. Let’s say I meet a guy and fuck him within an hour , say the sex was 7/10. That’s 3 points off perfect with someone who I don’t yet know… what will this sex be like in 3 months? I’ll need a new rating system! But you get to know a guy, fuck him, and the sex is 5/10. That means the sex will average at around 7/10. If that’s the life you want, go for it. Not me though.

Women need to stop viewing sex as this thing that makes them lose a little bit of themselves with each partner. You fucked him and it didn’t work out? So what?! You’re seeking someone compatible and obviously this person isn’t it. Who cares if you did have sex, didn’t, or whatever?