This Token Rocks discovers a new blockchain games genre

We are seeing a very interesting phase of cryptocurrency market gaining stronger ground and mass popularity after it emerged just few years ago.

Originally it was only a small group of bitcoin enthusiasts who actively participated. Later it developed into a true mass phenomenon accompanied with bitcoin community branching out into multiple competing blockchains, cryptos and tokens. Often those were projects trying to solve similar tasks in the most efficient and innovative way.

At the beginning there were only few coins, for example at the beginning of 2013 less than 10 cryptocurrencies were broadly available with 95% of market capitalization in bitcoin itself, but toward the end of 2013 number grown closer to 100, expanding in the following years to over 1000. 2017 became truly exploding year with many different projects starting up.

Bright blockchain engineers started new generation of online groups — cryptocurrency communities where all coin or token holders regardless of financial status joined various discussions. It increasingly helped community leaders with decision making process. Theories such as swarm intelligence grown its popularity. Developers listened to community voices. Many started work on community decentralized governance and budgets voting. Communities started engaging a lot more people then just core teams expanding to all interested investors. Popular websites like Reddit and group messaging boards like Discord and Telegram helped worldwide communities to communicate around the clock.

Many investors started analyzing and considering how active community is because people behind determining its future success.

Today methods of community evaluation are relatively simple and limited. For example number of sub-Reddit readers is often compared. Unfortunately such methods can’t reflect true state of community engagement. There is no clear way to see which community is the most active at this time and not at some point in the past.

May communities are competing with one another. It’s often taking a form of open competition with two or more communities competing for the same niche. Oftentimes virtual online conflicts and even wars are happening.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies overall tend to be pieceful technologies where battlefields are on internet discussion boards with opinions expressed from both sides. Unfortunately that’s often gets manipulated by an inner circle of people behind the project who bully and sensor opposite side’s voices and create communities based on lies, deception and sometime cult like behaviour.

How can competing communities honestly prove who has most engaging followers?

This question puzzled founders of project and unique project emerged as first team based blockchain game. It starts new “community” genre of crypto games.

2017 was a year of success story for Сryptokitties and attracted a lot of attention to “Collectables” blockchain games with valuables attached to tokens stored on blockchain. Currently most of crypto-games are following this collectables pattern and expanding same niche space. Players primary interest in this case is individual ownership of game digital collectable assets with a hope to see some appreciation of its value over time. is a radical update of current blockchain games concept and truly innovative direction of gameplay where team result sits above individual. Only the strongest most active community can be a winner and has to remain engaging to keep the winning spot.

First version of the game implemented using Ethereum blockchain and allows communities based on ERC20 tokens participate and compete.

Originally this direction of measuring crypto community engagement was started by crypto exchanges who tried to prioritize implementation of new coins and tokens. Community members have a chance to vote for the favorite token. Most engaging community secures the attention of exchange developers and coin or token gets added for trading. elevates this tradition to a new level by going beyond simple voting. Instead communities can battle one another in a game and conquer virtual land to lead the rankings list. Top leading token is shown at the header of the website. All top winning tokens displayed at “top communities” rating page.

The idea of this game was born as result of multiple crypto communities research. This game gives any token community a unique chance to demonstrate the true rate of engagement. Only mass participation helps token to become a leader.

Ultimately game becomes an important analytical tool for crypto community engagement rate. Blockchain technology secures the transparency and makes manipulation cost prohibitive due to a minimal blockchain fee involved in each game move.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies opened up an innovative field which can be further expanded. discovered blockchain games niche for the team “community” play and became a first in its genre. It is going beyond been just a game and creates a tool for analytics and marketing. project is built according to open source principle and welcomes everyone who can be interested in providing feedback and beta testing to define the directions of its future development.

You can lean more about the game at website. Ready to get involved? Join discussion at discord server.