The wells of Life and the way to Neverland - to dive in or not?


Imagine you are stranded in a desert. And all you see is sand all around. There are many wells, each with varied levels of water in it. You can drink water from any of…

Krangshuri Falls, Meghalaya . © This Travel Company
  1. People need to relax.
  2. ‘Travel’ is not to be so ‘precise’, you see.
  3. People need to ‘open up’, both physically and mentally and try to accept things as they are, not particularly looking to change some ‘certain fault’ they might see in some other culture, not native to theirs. Especially…

This Travel Company

- is your gateway to the northeast. Adventure travel, experiencing local culture and cuisine, motorbiking , cycling, trekking, sightseeing - we do it all.

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