Surprisingly with the benefits of running

John Bim

Many experts say that the human body is evolving to run or move for a long time, such as the slim form of the foot, the length of the leg, the disc helps to reduce the tremors in the spine bone, the ability to sweat helps reduce body heat when active, etc…

Therefore, running is always closely related to the health of both physical and mental. In addition, it is a very easy sport to get started and anyone can do it. If you do not have time then you can use a treadmill for home use. It will be very convenient, you can run at any time. If you are not convinced, let’s take a look at the benefits of running the following.

1. Reduce depression and improve mood

Studies show that just 30 minutes of running is enough to improve the mood of a person with depression, according to a study from the American College of Sports Medicine. Even those who take part in the study just enough to clear up some of the depression.

So you do not have to run too fast, you just need to run at least 30 minutes a day to have a happier mood than a lot of excitement.

2. Help young people sleep better and concentrate on work

In a study of 51 people at an average age of 18, half of them jogged 30 minutes a day and five days a week for three weeks in a row, while the other half had sports but did not. running. The half run result did not stay up much longer and was easier to fall asleep while focusing on better work / study during the day.

3. Increase cardiovascular health

According to the American College of Cardiology, just five minutes a day, our average life expectancy will increase several years due to improved cardiovascular system. In addition, those who run at least 65km per week will have a much stronger heart than the average person.

4. Enhance memory

Athletic forms (jogging, running or walking) all help to improve memory in all age groups, and to reverse neurodegenerative diseases in old age. .

5. Helps increase stress tolerance

When running regularly, we will be able to cope with stress in our lives better. The reason is that when jogging, the brain releases neurotransmitters, such as serotonin or norepinephrine, that relax the brain and produce new neurons.

6. Effective way to lose weight

Walking at 8km / h will burn 600 calories an hour, while running 12km / h will burn 900 calories in an hour.

7. Extends life expectancy

Research shows that running 30 minutes a day reduces the risk of any illness, especially cancer. This risk is reduced if the running time is longer than 1 hour.

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