Poetry in your smile…

Get to know your smile was amazing and I’m smiling alone…

One day, if you sometime venerate yourself
from my eye, 
what all is hidden from your smile, 
I shall show to you…
The mirror will begin to say an implicit story which is in your smile…
Whatever is happening, is for the first time( I love it)

To pick up dialogues from my hush,
 and weave praises from the thread (of these talks),
(as a result)
I today feel like what I was not until yesterday..(Seriously)
My praise is false…
My style is your gift (for praising me).
One day if you call yourself
from my dialect, 
The poetry that is hidden in your smile,
I’ll surely say that poetry to you…(why u are waiting)
This relation of two hearts, 
cannot be said openly (Till you say ‘Yes’)