Latest updates from Zoom Developer Platform

Zoom has launched few important updates in the recent days —Zoom developer blog is not very visible at this point and so cross posting some of it here for discoverability.

Zoom messaging/chat interfaces are now open and available through Zoom Marketplace. If you are a third party integrating with Zoom platform or a developer writing bots on the Zoom messaging, these new interfaces provide business opportunities to present new use cases to millions of Zoom end users. You need to register your bot with Marketplace, configure call back URLs, support oAuth, implement the core logic on your platform and submit the bot for Zoom to validate/approve/publish this into the Marketplace. More info is available in Zoom blog.

Another critical update and a significant milestone is the release of Zoom desktop and mobile SDKs that lets you customize every aspect of Zoom client UI — essentially, you can end up building a different look and feel of Zoom client skin to more resemble your own application skin and workflow. You can place the main video window, thumbnail windows, in-meeting chat window wherever you need in within the screen real estate.

One thing to note on the latest SDK UI — since Zoom now lets you customize the UI, you can override the “powered by Zoom” watermark in the bottom of the client. As this violates the Zoom terms of service, you need to make sure that you put the “powered by Zoom” watermark back in your screen. Just a note of caution there. If you do want to remove that watermark, you can reach out to for a commercial discussion.

It’s exciting to see these new updates in a collaboration platform that continues to grow and gain momentum across market verticals and geographies.