I watched MSNBC last Tuesday (it’s the only cable news station I get, but I would’ve watched it anyway), to feel like I had the heads-up on the ALL-S.E.C. CONFERENCE PRESIDENTIAL VOTING RESULTS GO BAMA!!!

Yes, sir, ladies and gents, it’s just that silly… and for a reason so gigantic, so sprawled across the backdrop of this year-long train ride our country takes quadrenially that, apparently, nobody, as in, NO BODY, sees the phenomenon that makes fools of us ALL as we go through this process of choosing our next president.

It’s so obvious! Because… really, I’m NOT that smart. And I figured it out. So surely some of you have too.

OK… Here it is. For a year (or however many months) everybody, and I mean from “the people with no education (God, I love the people with no education!)” to the people who actually get paid to sit in the chair with “Pundit" written on the back, they all talk about these 8 or 9 people, who get whittled down to 2 by late summer as if [AS IF!] one or the other of them is going to get more votes, and then take office, and then…[ready for it?!] make happen ALL the things he’s been saying for a year he’s going to make happen!!!

Have you been tracking with me here? What I’m saying is that people-everybody-actually get caught up in all this talk, this rhetoric. They begin to believe what these candidates are saying!

Which is to say that people-everybody-suspends their understanding of the checks and balances system of tripartite government of the United States of America, for the duration of the presidential election season.

“Obama said he was going to do [fill in the blank]. How many times have we heard the Republicans say that? How many times have we watched the House vote on repealing ObamaCare so they wouldn’t have to take up other "real" legislation? How many times have Senate Republicans called for a 2/3 majority vote when the piece of legislation did not require it?

And we are told that Republican voters are angry this voting season?

Here is one Democrat who is angry that Republican leadership used every excuse to say that our president was lackluster or ambivalent or wishy-washy. This Democrat is angry that he was accused late in his career of using too much power… seven years after having no luck at working with people who put their names on bills, only to remove them once the president had signed on. I don’t mind saying that I was angry at the major media outlets long before they recognized that “fair and balanced coverage" wasn’t going to be fair and balanced between two political parties, one of which had thrown out the bath water and absconded with the baby. I will vent my anger about the one subject that most people are still unwilling to say out loud: many conservative people will give their hyped-up reasons for not liking President Obama when they really all boil down to the fact that this extraordinary man, who has one of the most gifted minds this country has ever known, is…a black man. Shame on these people with little, judgemental, backward minds. They arouse my anger with lightning speed.

So let the talking heads say the Republicans are angry this political season. Come to think of it, the Republicans are perennially the angry party, who has been somehow wrenched out of the good old 1950’s, when Papa knew best and Mama stood over a hot stove in her heels and pearls, and that 0.7 kid was on the way. Somebody stole all that from them, so of course they’re angry! It’s their nature to be angry. They will always be angry.

But it’s not OK when they feel angry and they don’t play fair. Telling a president who has a two term mandate from the people that they won’t sit down to talk with his Supreme Court Justice nominee when he has 11/12 year left in office to pass the appointment is, by my definition, the meanest, most sordid kind of foul play.

This election season, yes, I’m a liberal, I sing chorus after chorus of “Kum Ba Yah", I help those who are less fortunate than me, I GIVE, and I’m damned angry.

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