Cruel is a $5.00 Tagline
Michael Sendrow

I can follow your logic, but I’m not as appalled. This is no different than the corporate “outsourcing” wave of the past two centuries, where “productivity” was increased by moving call-centers etc. to low-wage countries.

Things are worth as much as people pay for them. For some it’s $5 and for others it’s $5M for a new tagline. With the Watson API you could probably make many of these services for ¢5 and still turn a profit, if you could just avoid the ¢30 transaction fee on Stripe.

I agree that freelancers have a lot of things stacked against them compared to salaried workers, especially in the US. But we can all make choices about what we are willing to tolerate and what we are not…

I don’t think Fiverr is the problem…

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