What’s your podcast setup?

Mathias Jakobsen
Jan 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Almost every day I record a short podcast episode for my Think Clearly #reframes podcast. It has to be super simple and fast and fool proof on the go.

I’m still exploring many audio/video recording setups.

The simplest is just iPhone with headphones and an app that allows me to monitor the sound so I can hear myself.

I also have a Rode SmartLav+ microphone that connects to iPhone which I use to record audio or video on iPhone. Recently I have tried threading the mic through my jacket sleeve along with a charging cable.

For video I have used Hyperlapse from Instagram because it helps stabilize the recording while I walk.

For audio I also have a Zoom H2n recorder. That’s the one I used with you. Also with headphones to monitor. The SmartLav also can connect to the Zoom, but I haven’t used that yet.

The SmartLav and all iPhone stuff records in mono. The Zoom can make a true stereo recording which feels a bit nicer.

Some videos I did with a Gopro camera and recorded the sound separately on the Zoom. Then added them together in post.

I have two ways of doing post production.

One is using Garageband on Mac with two expensive sound plugins called RX and Ozone from Izotope which help improve the sound. This is really fun to play with but also a steep learning curve.

I also try Auphonic.com where you simply upload the recording (either video or audio) and then it can do all sorts of automatic improvements and export to video or audio. It’s much cheaper and simpler. But I learn less because it’s just a black box.

For the audio/video recorded separate I used Premier to sync the audio and export.

I’ll keep exploring. The most important thing for me is having fun.

    Mathias Jakobsen

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    Creator of Think Clearly. Faculty at Parsons. Strategy at SYPartners