Sprint 3: Ideation

Sustainable Commuting

My task was to design sustainable commuting solutions that will reduce city vehicle congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. During studio, I learned about divergent and convergent ideas as well as strategies for the ideation process. I chose to sketch quickly without an eraser and use text labeling in order to streamline idea development.

During the divergent phrase, I wanted to come up with ideas for cars, public transportation, and apps. It was easy to be creative because I was not limited by one product. Some of my favorite designs include a bus that runs on pedaling users and a pouch linked up to a vine that could carry people. However, I chose a bike that can collect pollution and spring out clean air because it seemed like a fun idea that could be expanded. When I was converging the bike idea I had a major design block. To battle against it, I imposed several constraints such as portability and multi-use so that I could narrow down what I wanted to draw.

Sharing my crazy ideas
“Keep Moving Forward”

I really enjoyed ideation through sketching because it sparked creativity and reminded me of my childhood. When I was a little kid, I had a huge imagination and innovated fantasy games for my friends. As I got older, I felt more restricted by feasibility but the sketching technique taught me that anyone can be inventive.

One of my favorite movie of all time is Meet the Robinsons because the main character was an inventor who designed with “keep moving forward” in mind. Although numerous of his inventions resulted in a disaster, he never stopped and always tried to think outside the box to improve. I like that this technique encourage moving forward with ideas even though some may not be as great as others. I also really like the flexibility of this technique. During the divergent phrase, I designed a bike and a fan motor vehicle. Both these ideas were okay independently but I was able to combine them during the convergent phrase to design a bike that was truly unique and crazy.

Anti-pollution bike
Fan motor vehicle
Convergent design that combined both ideas
Future Use

I could see ideation through sketching be applied in product designing and app development. When designers want to create a product that does not follow the norm, sketching quickly will help spark many ideas to choose from. App development could really benefit from sketching because there is no judging. Sometimes, app ideas get stopped because someone says “the app is unnecessary” or “the idea is poor”. Thus, designers can find a gem by deferring judgment and sketching multiple resolutions.

Projects that require blue prints may not be appropriate with ideation through sketching because there is a difference between coming up with ideas and accurate plans. Engineers who need blue prints will not be able to gain anything from a quick sketch with labels. There needs to be measurements and well thought out designs.

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