Is 2018 the year of the ALT coins?

Crypto has really come a along way, from a mere thought scribbled down on a white paper to a commercially viable income stream for many

When everyone thinks Crypto they thing Bitcoin, the “Big Daddy” that rose like the phoenix in 2017.

At the beginning of 2017 Bitcoin was trading at less then $1000 and went on to hit a high of nearly $20000 just 12 months.

Bitcoin reached the Moon.

As the saying goes “It is hard when you are on Top” and Bitcoin has had to offer ground to other Crypto’s such as Ripple and Ether. Bitcoin once held a 60% market dominance but that is down to 37% at the time of writing.

I get questions from friends all the time on the future of bitcoin. Will it hold its value? Will it surpass its previous heights? Should i sell my wife and buy bitcoin? and such and such. My Answer to them is always that Bitcoin is very resilient, there is no other asset that has survived so much turmoil and emerged on top.

Just to demonstrate the level of resilience Bitcoin has : On December 6th, 2017, Slovenian based mining company NiceHash was hacked for 4700 BTC which is ~$80 million. This news hardly effected the price of Bitcoin as is gained traction and went from $11667 to $16850 from the 5th to the 7th of December 2017.

So will Bitcoin break past $19345 in 2018? Nobody knows but what we do know is that the $1000 bitcoin price bus is gone but worry not there could be some other buses that could just go to the moon

2018 Alt Coins Pick

The world’s “only” enterprise blockchain solution for global payments. They basically help banks create new, competitive cross-border payments services for their customers. They have most of the major banks as platform users and have a strong experienced development team. This coin has surpassed ethereum in terms of market cap

One the bitcoin forks was Bitcoin Cash that looked to increase the number of transactions that Bitcoin can handle by increasing the blocksize. The Second bitcoin fork was Bitcoin Gold that allows GPU’s to mine for Bitcoin.

The biggest challenge with Bitcoin ,besides bankers shorting bitcoin futures, has been Bitcoin Miners. There are mining pools has have become so powerful that if they are not in support of any technological change then it will not happen.

When Bitcoin initially started you could mine it using your laptop but as time went by and the difficulty grew you needed specialized equipment to mine it (ASIC machines).

The most popular being the Antminer S5, S7 and S9 which vary in price and hash power. GPU’s or Graphic processing units can out perform ASIC machines with regards to Hash Power and are easily available as they are just Graphics Cards that just go into your computer.

This meant you could be able to mine bitcoin using your standard computer with a couple of Graphics cards but this would require Bitcoin to adopt the Equihash PoW algorithm

Open source platform for smart contracts. This will allow the creation of DApp’s. They are currently not on the Big Exchanges and once/if they list on those exchanges the volumes will drive up along with the price

There have been allot of news reports about IOTA and their Microsoft partnerships as they roll out their “Futuristic” Tangle network. The project has great potential if they get it right.

Straight out of Japan which home to Mario Bro’s. They create public and private blockchains for enterprises. Its more a B2B play rather then a B2C play. This coin has gone from an underdog to one of the top 10 Crypto’s

Essentially Stella is a giant transaction layer for any currency or asset . Making the transaction between two people affordable. If you look at their current and total supply you will see that there are still allot of coins available.

If you look at the google trends charts you will realize that there is allot of interest in Stella which signals that newbies are discovering Stella and that Stella is getting her groove back

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