Will Twitter Tank?

Will Twitter tank? that’s a question asked by many a few : investors, users, fans and competitors.

The social media site or micro blogging site as the founders call it has been facing tough times with revenue not growing as much as investors expect and possibly selloff on the cards.

So what are the key strategic decisions Twitter has made over the past couple of years

1- Sold Fabric

For those who dont know Fabric is a mobile app development platform that was intended to allow developers to seamlessly integrate their Apps to Twitter.

Launched in 2014 Fabric reached more than 2.5billion devices according to the Twitter team.

It was sold to Google for an undisclosed sum. Google knows a thing or two about platforms and can probably make Fabric profitable, probably by allowing developers to integrate to their new messaging play Google Allo or what ever its called.

Farewell or hello fabric depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on…

2-Selling Vine

Vine for those who dont know us a video sharing app

Reports suggest Twitter has received multiple offers but alarmingly some offers came in at less then $10mill which as insider said is less then the companies monthly burn rate

Offers are still on the table so if you are willing to splurge on a company that has a loyal but declining user base, huge burn rate and no clear monetization plan then this could be for you. That would be De-vine

3-Linked to acquisitions

Both Alphabet, which is Google’s parent company, and Salesforce were rumored to be possible suitors for Twitter, and the final sale price is likely to be around $22 per share, according to Morningstar analyst Ali Mogharabi – putting the value of the company close to $15.5bn. He also believes the victor is likely to be Google, which is a better strategic fit.

There are management changes almost every week, constant refinements and new features.

The fate of Twitter could lie in the following statement

Yet one year later, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was instated as CEO and doing his best to explain Twitter’s value to users.

“We’re making the right decisions in our product and it gives us a foundation for future growth. We’re working every day to make Twitter faster, more intuitive and easier to use,” Dorsey said in a 26 July 2016 call with analysts. “You’ve already seen us take some big steps here, like the changes to the time line and the announced changes to the character count and reply rules. There’s more changes like these on the way.” — The Guardian

That is where the problem lies.

Jack Dorsey is focussed on making Twitter better, faster and simpler.

There is nothing wrong with the way twitter works, it has redefined UX and has championed the entire following concept. It’s not immediately obvious but once you start using it you start loving it. Its quick, fast and reliable.

There is nothing to “fix” so Jack must put down his sledgehammer and calculator and take out his marketing cap.

For Twitter to survive and thrive it needs to do the following

1-Create features that encourage engagement, like Facebook is doing with their big bold text and colour filled posts

2-Integrate Live Video Streaming, like Facebook is doing with their live feature

3-Create One Click Ad Campaigns , like Facebook is doing so the user doesn’t have to spend 30minutes creating an Ad campaign and just clicks one button and the campaign is sent

The Third suggestion will have a direct revenue impact and are what we call quick wins.

So there you have it

I have created a 3 step business rescue plan for Twitter follow it and Twitter will live on. We are actually more interested in Black Twitter living on and more importantly #opw , #dmf #askmmusi living on.

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