Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

A couple of thoughts:

The 3K Surface seemed too high to me and I hate hinges because they break down and that one has a ton. I do not need to get up, fold my computer down and start drawing on it. I have an iPad Pro, the big one with Duet.

As a Blender using I looked at the touchbar and thought: thank god, an answer

I am waiting to see what the next gen Chromebook looks like.

Side note, when Affinity Photo came out I dithered for a bit because I have used Photoshop since the interface was black and white but after a week of Affinity Photo I erased every version of Photoshop I had, which got me 30 gigs back. And now there is Affinity Designer so I got rid of Sketch.

Just a thought, Thom

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