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I have been a long time patron of DeepDream and will be since I love it and I can control DeepDream (DD) like I can control my Labradoodle puppy, Ronan: sorta. I like my art with a serious touch of randomness and DD delivers.

Doris Jean Lynch © 2022

So the text based AIs I immediately dismissed as ‘Who cares?’ But then I started to play with them, first with Wombo and StarryAI on my phone. Amusing but nothing I wanted to take any further. I got on the MidJourney and Dall-e beta lists and finally got in.

First to MidJourney which blew me away when I used my go-to prompt: dressed up dawn over a turtle swamp. This prompt came from my wife, the poet Doris Jean Lynch, for a painting I did decades ago which was accepted into a show in Philadelphia sponsored by The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Artforum and the sculptor George Segal. I tried this prompt on Wombo and StarryAI and got junk but MidJourney was a whole nuther story. This is what came back.

Thom Gillespie © 2022

I immediately realized that with MidJourney the text should not be literal but poetic and having a poet as a wife I had some serious poetic prompts to work with so I started feeding one of Doris Jean’s published Haikus into MidJourney with results I could never anticipate but loved:

A Haiku Sequence by Doris Lynch
Posted on January 9, 2021 by Charlotte Digregorio

how quiet
the quiet before
winter dawn

first snowfall
the neighborhood runner
walks in tights

six crows
silent in a snowy field —
noon whistle

nickel-sized snowflakes
old man at the bus stop
wearing one glove

past midnight
can’t stay indoors
when the barred owl calls

not so close
small skunk

by Doris Lynch (USA)
LYNX: a Journal for Linking Poets, XXVII:1, February, 2012

I know there is lots of moaning about the end of art and all that crap but for me AI is just another toolbox to play with, master and use for what I want as an artist. I am old enough to have gone thru the doom and gloom way back in the transition from oil paint that never seemed to dry to acrylics which dried too fast and were labeled as ‘not real art.’

Artists create real art with the tools they master and use; it takes time. Most of the ‘AI art now’ including most of the NFT stuff reminds me of the early days of the 128 Mac with MacPaint where people with no skills in design and art were designing visual junk which has disappeared into the ether. The good stuff was good back then and is still here, see anything from or about Susan Kare

Next up HTF do I use Dall-e




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