The Role of the Founder/CEO: You Have One Job
Jeff Seibert

Awhile back I learned the hard way the cynical wisdom that “the moment you become indispensable is the moment you have to be replaced.” For the organization — a for profit, not-for-profit, whatever — to be a sustainable and ongoing concern, it can’t be dependent on one person — one bottleneck — one node. Sooner or later, everyone fails at something or some point.

This insight:

“As the founder/CEO, you have one job: Look at where you’re spending your time, then fire yourself from that position.”

Is just brilliant, and the positive side of eliminating bottlenecks and dependency failures. You know your venture has been successful when you can turn it over to someone else as an ongoing concern.

I think too often we try to make ourselves indispensable to the process or to the organization. Instead, we truly add and create value, and have accomplished something, when we can “fire ourselves” and move on the next challenge.

Very insightful and inspiring. Thank you.