Digital story outlook

So for this assignment that is presented to me in the class CLA 1005, the course, at the end, requires a digital story assignment to be completed. a digital story is a video having an experience of ones self expirence presented through photos, pictures, and music. I’m choosing th epost question number one due tot he fact that i do not want to be involved in service learning. Plus writitng about your college expirence is amazing, so much goes into just one year! It can be experiences with students who have similiar ideas with you or even similiar backgrounds like where or how you grew up. One of the stories tht i have inn ind was with my PES summer seminar and how we all connected in just five days of visiting and enjoying eachothers company. We all came from different backgrounds but we all have something in common. I can’t really put a finger on it, but i’m pretty sure it was our personalities. Everyday was an adventure, even the days just sitting in class talking was amazing with these people. We would all tel stories about our lives and how we have all had to endure something to get into or to come to the University of Minnesota. That whole week flew by so fast and i wouldn’t want to do that whole expirence with anyother group of people. I couold also use my expirence of my new job with GDP( Gopher Digital Productions). With this job i’ve have meant so many awesome people. Again this group is a little crazy, but aren’t we all? We just like to express t more while filiming D1 athletes with alot of stree on our name! Whatever I plan to do with this i know i’ll hve enough information to make it good!

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