The world around us has something new to show us. Something beautiful and clean and enlivening. Something that’s so far beyond any of our past paradigms, it’ll blow our socks off. But it’s up to us to be open to seeing it that way.
I want to see things differently
Jonas Ellison

It has something new to show us all right! Global warming, whales being beached and dying. I, for one, don’t see anything beautiful or clean and enlivening. I see concrete jungles, destruction, death, new viruses, global warming, population explosion, conflicts of various kinds, invasions, refugees (displaced people) everywhere, cultures being disturbed, North Korea exploding the H-bomb, Donald Trump’s mouth exploding expletives, and the list is endless. These are enough to blow off the top of my head — and I saw a cartoon of a suited man down on the floor on his back with legs in the air and his socks being blown away! And I wondered, what will future generations do with jobs being scarce and the majority of people being so self-contained (a.k.a. selfish). People don’t have time for mutual visits. Correct me if I’m wrong. Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong end of the tunnel. Maybe you are looking outwards and I’m looking inwards. Or…you want the world to be beautiful and clean and enlivening when, in fact, it is dying (or is being destroyed). I see a dark present reality (corruption/decay everywhere). We can always hope for something beautiful and clean and enlivening.

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