Photo illustration: Save As; Source: Everette Collection

After pulling the trigger in Hollywood’s most ominous drive-by, Lloyd Avery II began to mirror the lifestyle of the gangster he portrayed on-screen. But the late actor’s demise is much deeper than life imitating art.

The best emcees never fall off, but that doesn’t mean they stay hot forever

Illustration: Adrian Mangel

Howard Dean. Photography by Justin Kaneps

He represented the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. Then the party changed.

Photo Illustration by Tessa Modi, Photograph by Henry Diltz/Getty Images

An oral history of Woodstock ’94, the funnest Woodstock of all. (Read on if you don’t believe us, and also if you do.)

Thomas Golianopoulos

Thomas Golianopoulos is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Grantland, the Ringer, BuzzFeed, Complex, and other publications.

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