My Online Identity

Throughout the lecture in CIU111 as well as in my other modules we as creatives are encouraged to have a social media or online presence. This is a great thing to start now as throughout my career I can build and add to my online presence in order to hopefully gain a greater following/promote myself and my work.

The idea of having a presence online is not a new thing to anyone in our generation, we all pretty much have all the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat). However the idea of having a professional identity online is new to me.

Since the reading the lecture I decided to make a personal tumblr to share a bit of an insight online in to my travels and everyday life. This tumblr is a series of pictures shot through my 35mm Olympus MJU ii ( The idea behind it was to give a potential employer, friends and or class mates the insight to me as a person. In regards to an employer they are able to see the hard skills you possess by looking at your resume/bodies of work, the tumblr gives them the insight into who I am, what I like to do as well as showing my photography skills.

Since gaining insight into blogging and presence online I have discovered creatives that I may not of discovered in the past. For example the Australian Design Radio I have since listened to a few of their podcasts and discovered Australian designers and more of an insight into what is happening in my industry.

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