The Process

After a few iterations and some feedback from the class I am now happy with my masthead and cover design. It was beneficial to go through the process of altering cover images to portray the feel and tone I want in my magazine.

Photo Credit : Emulsion Magazine

The image showcases what will be in the magazine and then reiterated again by the wording in the lower border. The masthead itself doesn't take much away from the image. The masthead itself is a serif font that has been altered for this publication, it has also been kerned to help with the tone of the magazine.

Photo Credit : Emulsion Magazine

As you can see from the image above the masthead works on multiple covers. The only thing that I may alter is to clean up the masthead slightly. After seeing my classmates process I think I could have made more masthead iterations although I did know the tone and feel of the magazine prior to even starting. I feel as though my masthead fits the feel that I want the magazine to show — clean, minimal, modern and well designed.

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