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A Vue.js app typically needs to do a couple of things, no matter what:

  • Implement a whole bunch of Business Logic
  • Offer a set of components that make sense of said Business Logic
  • Style the app and come up with a good looking UI and great UX

Bauer + Kirch headquarters
Bauer + Kirch headquarters

What to expect from this blog

In our blog, we will take you along on our journey of developing software, from overarching architectural ideas to some nifty tricks around the latest libraries and efficient team processes that are working out for us.

Who we are

Bauer + Kirch develops individual digital solutions across industries. Based in the so called silicon valley of Aachen, Germany, we’ve been organically growing our business for over…

The view from an inner courtyard, enclosed by buildings, themed in Vue’s brand colors. In the sky, there thrones the Vue logo
The sky is the limit once you internalize Domain-Driven Design.

The advent of a sustainable software project

For one of our current Vue apps, we set ourselves a couple of goals that should ideally improve our long-term development performance. This story focuses on the architectural side of things. We’ve got subsequent stories about effective team processes, documentation and others in the making, so stay tuned and follow our Bauer + Kirch publication on medium. But first, let’s take a look at some of the goals that still function as our North Star to this day:

  • Mutual understanding: At times, our team had difficulties in finding common ground on how to tackle different challenges in our code. Which…

Time to unravel the confusion that is vue-router, dynamic imports and loading states. Photo by John Lockwood.

Thomas Holland

Software Developer @bauer-kirch. Enthusiastic about the web™ and everything JavaScript.

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