Daily Journal Entry — Day 002

Today as well as yesterday, begins as Day one. Upon awaking performing meditation, proceed to a form of exercise, be it cardio or 24-form tai chi chuan, reflect on goals, my vision board, and clarity of the moment.

However, today after my morning cardio session, something finally clicked; I don’t know whether it was the audiobook I was listening to yesterday titled Get Up and Do It!, or my usually listening to Grant Cardone’s Millionaire Booklet, but the things you hear all the time just unravel and click with your overall being.

The content from the sources were almost similar, with Get Up and Do It! it was making sense of the tasks you feared, be it starting a business, losing weight, etc. This audiobook suggested instead of stating what you want, BE MORE SPECIFIC. For example, if you want to be rich, be specific, how much you wish accumulate, in what industry, and also the mini-goals and milestones set along the way, don’t tackle massive goals right away because they may exhaust you mentally and you may revert back to your previous held habits. The Millionaire Booklet almost echoed this same message, with being bold in telling the listener to lose their previous state of mind when entering into the task they wish conquer; however, still stating that you should be specific and identify a way to get to your envisioned lifestyle.

These works of motivation, doesn’t insist on forgetting and leaving your current self behind, and damning the world because they don’t understand you, or think your vision is impossible; but rather, accepting your current situation, being grateful for it, sincerely, and know that you, indeed, have what it takes to change it for the better.

You can control your thoughts, surround yourself with people you need to succeed, and do it honest, with confidence and gratitude.

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