Daily Journal Entry: Ruminations -Day 009- Let It Be

I want start off with wishing everyone a good, and be-lated, Labor Day. How do I start this off other than saying that I’ve been doing some deep thinking over the things I need to do, and currently am doing, by the way; but anyway, there is that thought of, notion of, fear and failure. However, we all know by now that failure doesn’t exist, it is nothing more than a result, one you may not like, or grow to shame because of whatever reason at/in that moment. So its the fear, not failure, that I’m dealing with currently, and accepting.

I’ve found that working with fear has always benefited me in the ways which always kept me learning, striving, and appreciating each moment, and experience, I’ve had that a breakthrough had happened. I found myself operating without giving a damn about the next this, that, but taking in, and being truly happy for others while working towards my ultimate vision, not to mention the satisfaction of helping others reach their goals, which is a great feeling.

On the flip side, when I operated to outwit my fears, I usually fail horribly, or suffer horrible analysis paralysis, the over-thinking of something so simple. I even got to point where I would build time-consuming projects, privately, clandestinely, meticulously, perfecting the next big idea of the century just realize that if I worked with my fears I’ve could have met and created 10+ next big idea companies, quicker and in reality, for some, without operating on the “I’ll Show You All” mentality -it only leads to depression and anger, and that anger mostly on love ones. So work with your fears and don’t count an undesired result as a failure -your learning, and that undesired result can be a way not to solve the problem, or spark the idea for new solution to the problem. I always juxtapose this to programming. You will learn fast that you will make mistakes, errors, crash the system, get frustrated, but its rare you would outright just give up, that’s if you really want to understand this skill, instead you keep searching, reviewing, looking over code, consulting others who are much more experience, and asking yourself what haven’t you tried, that you just know will be the solution to the problem.

Let fear direct you to a skill that we all have regardless of location, health, and finances, the skill of problem-solving and thinking on our feet. Overall, just let it be, the situation will always work out, however, how you choose to receive it -a success, a learning experience, or a failure- well, that’s what separates the Doers and Sayers, Winners and Losers, you get it.

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