NewsNote: This Sept. 11th Anniv., Make Your Voice Heard & Affect Change

At least half of Americans have serious doubts about the official story of September 11th, and all involved in legitimate truth movement activism understand, that the entire mainstream narrative of that dark day, is a complete fairy tale. Yet in the last year, only 2,983 Americans have taken time out of their schedule, to make their way to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth website, to inform themselves about the latest efforts to pressure congress, to open a new investigation into the attacks that day, and lend their voice to the effort…

The September 11th truth movement, is one of a handful of key movements, that is intimately interrelated to pretty much all legitimate truth movement causes. In other words, without justice on the September 11th issue, it’s hard to envision fundamental progress occurring, on just about any significant front. This is why it’s key that activists from all social movement causes, take at least a small amount of time out of their schedule, to stay up-to-date on the latest developments on the 9/11 truth front, and participate in critical group action-steps to affect positive change.

The Bobby McIlvaine Act is a proposal put forth by the leading 9/11 truth organization, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth — in conjunction with the McIlvaine family — that seeks to show all congressional representatives, that a new fully funded and transparent investigation of the events of 9/11 are desperately needed. Clearly these representative should know this already, but in the surreal and largely completely corrupt political environment that Americans now find themselves, it has become our duty, to make it politically impossible for our representatives to continue to ignore the 9/11 issue.

The short-cut version of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth “Support the Bobby McIlvaine Act” video. Share this wildly online on September 11th 2018, and throughout the month of September in 2018…

The good people at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are asking all their supporters, and the public at large, to use their very convenient automated online form, to email their representatives in congress a simple pre-formatted letter of support for the Bobby McIlvaine Act, as well as, a digital copy of the proposed act itself. Additionally, they are asking that all share the video embedded above wildly online on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, as well as, the new generation of surveillance free social and video sites like, and This should take the average user no more than 10 minutes to do. Here is the link to the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth webpage with the automated form:

For those with more time to spare — and I urge all reading this to find the time for these extra steps — AE911Truth also offers the resources for users to call, and write paper letters to, their representatives to urge them to support the Bobby McIlvaine Act. The resources for these extra steps can be found on the same webpage that is linked to above. The reason I truly urge all to take the extra steps of calling and writing paper letters to all their representatives, is this creates a very big impact that is memorable for the congressmen and their associates in a way that emails aren’t. When congressmen get calls and paper letters on an issue, it really sends the message that their constituents will hold their feet to the fire on the matter. Keep in mind, you don’t have to take all these action steps necessarily on September 11th — anytime in the month of September would be an excellent. Maybe using the AE911Truth automated email form on the actual day of September 11th, then in the days or weeks that follow, sending paper letters and making calls, would be the easiest way for many to get this critical work done.

It’s high time that Americans, finally force congress to confront the objective evidence of this dark day. Your help is essential to the success of this effort.