#2 — Design Thinking Exercice

Quick Introduction

In this digital Era, every industry is touched. Such as the evolution of the technology, the consumer expectation and needs are also evolving. This is the case with the bank industry, and this why Carol Holmes from Whole Bank is searching for a new solution to add value to the existing app by providing a payment solution for the user that travel.

The problematic is the following one: How to add value to the existing app by providing a pertinent solution to the users, that make them able to carry no cash and no card but their phone. And how to avoid uncomfortable situations.


After several interview with user from my environment, some travel a lot, some less but at the end there is common topics that need to be highlighted:

· Currency: it’s very hard to well simulate the exact price that we are paying. Our mind is thinking in our own currency. Most of the time before buying something, an approximation is made but not the exact price.

· Commission and Fees: For a payment or a withdraw, from an ATM to another or in the stores, the commissions are always evolving and make it difficult to anticipate.

· Mobility: carrying cash is the easiest way but not the safer. Having a card, involve the risk of losing it in a foreign country with no backup solution on site.


Whole Bank have then the opportunity to respond to each of these issues with the app. To visualise that, I came up with this sketch.


A traveler is always on the run, so the solution must be tailed for that and respond to needs pinpointed quickly and easely. I designed this prototype based on the current app :

Sexy sketch right ?

For the User, it’s quiet easy to understand. There is no major updates on the app architecture, the new solution is added to the main menu. The international solution provide to the user two family of actions “ Payment” and “Other Services”

Payment :

  1. The RFID tool will make the user able to directly pay with is phone by taping on the store payment device. This is an easy, quick and secured solution adopted by more and more smartphone users everyday.
  2. The QR code tool is a more secured alternative to the RFID solution. A new and one-use QR code is generated everytime the user need to pay and can directly check if the invoice is correct.
  3. The transfer system is already in place, but it will be an update to have a quicker transfer and easier possibility to add new destinators.

Other service :

  • Interactive Mapping :
  1. ATM : The interactive map will give in live the position of the ATM available nearby to withdraw cash. (subsitute to the contactless payment)
  2. Store : All the stores are not always equipped with the contactless technology, then it will avoid the consumer to be in the wrong place and in the incapacity to pay by provind him stores that will accept the solution.
  • Local Information :
  1. Currency exchange : Give instant feedback on the local currency
  2. Commission and Fees : To reference and rank all the commissions on the ATM nearby and directly re-direct on the ATM interactive Mapping to find them


This exercise was quiet interesting and amazing. First, having to design a digital solution is always a fun moment and I will be designing this kind of solution for a French bank in a few months so it was the perfect exercise to test and put myself in my future role.

The interesting thing in this exercise was to be careful about keeping the MVP in mind and not add to much features which will make the experience very heavy and keep in mind that a traveller is always late, or in an uncomfortable situation that require efficiency and fluidity.