Sketch Visual Design Exercice — Travel App ✈️

Here is my third work, At first I replicated the User Interface provided as an example in the pre-work, but I wanted to add my little touch.

The exercice was very interesting and fun, at first it’s a bit slow to handle sketch in details, but once you’ve got it, it’s very cool and there is a lot of cool stuff to do. I won’t take the credit of the overall design idea because it’s inspired, but I will explain what I changed and why.

On the login interface, I re-worked the “Easy Login” by placing it on the top to make it even more easy and fast and added the google + connexion to the choices. In term of design I chose a pastel color in adequacy with the logo.

On the Itinary side, I added two quick access to functionnalities such as “add an activity” and “share” with an utilisation of the green in a monochromatic way. There is also the possibilitie to locate the meeting within the app.

Well I hope you liked it !

Cheers !

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