The Glimpse of Poet Laureate Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano
Nov 18 · 3 min read

“Thomas Salzano has spent most of his life in the city lily dale, New York. After completing his master’s degree in communication he started attending poetry sessions near him while he was in college and discovered his love for poetry. He started going to the poetry open mic to display his blossoming art of poetry, and with time he has evolved his poems.

Connect with him and be a part of his poetic world.”

Poetry for Thomas Salzano is the mode of thought. His verses evoke emotions of love and sentiments in his readers. He is admired by the audience for realistic and motivational poems. On the website, you will come across his best poems.

The ideology of Thomas behind poetry is inspiring amateur writers. He believes

“Great poets are made not born”

He endeavors to take numerous initiatives with his poetic knowledge that would influence the writers and poets. He served in the local library where he was surrounded by all sorts of poetry books of experienced poets. Working in the library inspired him to make a name in the field of poetry. Currently, he works for a local NGO that dedicatedly works to maintain the standards of poetry. He started traveling the world to discover literature associated with different countries.

He intends to present his poetry with a blend of ancient literature to reach and connect with the audience. Connect with him and be a part of his poetic world.

Out of various successful campaigns he hosted, ‘Poetry from Aspiring Bubbles’ stands out. In it, he compiled the great work of young poets and published them on his website.

He enlightens the readers with assorted literature associated with different places in the world. Through every blog, he tries to influence all the poets and writers who are contributing or wishing to contribute to the field of poems.

The best thing about the website is the diverse knowledge of literature. Thomas Salzano presents his work along with the history of the world and his artistic journey from aspiring to a professional poet.

You can check his great work

Along with other countries of the world, you will see his journey, experience of discovering the Turkish culture and its historic literature. With expertise in villanelle, ekphrastic and concrete poems, you will get to know what inspired and helped him in his career.

This website encourages young and amateur writers/poets to display their skills. The website helps in providing tips to hone their skills. Stay tuned to be a part of his campaigns and initiatives.

About: Thomas Salzano is a magnificent poet. Through his 200+ poems, he has shed a “sideways” light on the world. He lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of people and helps them to realize their worth.

Thomas Salzano

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Thomas Salzano aka Thomas N Salzano is a backpacker blogger. Thomas Salzano has written more than 500+ blogs on travel, photography, vacations etc.. till now.

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