Thomas N Salzano - Different Ways to Enhance Your Creativity Level

Thomas Salzano
Nov 20 · 4 min read

Each one of us has an idea which is unique and we consider it a creative one in its initial stage, says Thomas Salzano a motivation speaker and a famous blogger. Creativity is not an inherited skill it comes with practice. The only thing which you need in you is the urge to conquer this skill.

Creativity needs time and patience even the most creative people have faced a situation that says this is not so creative.

Thomas N Salzano has been in a profession that requires creativity and uniqueness. The struggle to increase your creativity level and the efforts it requires are areas that Thomas has mastered and would like to share his experience with us.

Here are a few ways in which you can work on enhancing your creativity:

To keep practicing on your creativity try methods like “finishing the given picture”

This is one of the most effective ways to think out of the box and put your imagination on paper. In this, you need to complete the picture or situation in your own words or sketch. This is more like fill in the blacks which allows you to fit whatever you feel is right and gives you a clear idea of your thoughts. You have full freedom to create whatever you can imagine and experiment with your thoughts without the fear of any rules to be followed.

Observe everything around you with a different perspective

Creativity means thinking out of the box and you cannot continue with the same thought process every time. To keep creativity alive in you always consider different perspectives to observe the situation or things you are working on. Try to break out of your comfort zone motivates your brain to work intensively. Remember your inspiration can lie in everything that is around you, so be a good observer.

Pay attention to new ideas that come to you and record them

You can bump into an amazing idea which might not be needed at the very moment but can be used later with a different approach and in a different situation. In such a situation you should make it a point to record or write down the idea or element that you think can be used in a creative way. This practice will help you to keep a you ideas safe and in use whenever you need some creative work is waiting for you.

Take out time for creativity

Creativity needs time and concentration to think with different perspectives. Schedule some time each week to concentrate on some type of creative project. This practice will definitely help in with ideas and the loopholes if any in the project. Creativity is a deep thinking process so its mandatory to allocate some time towards it.

Use the Six thinking hats technique

This technique will be suggested by all to you, not because of this a common technique but because this is tested and tried the technique with wonderful outcomes. This technique involves looking at a problem from six different perspectives.

Red Hat: Look at the situation emotionally.

White Hat: Look at the situation objectively.

Yellow Hat: Use a positive perspective.

Black Hat: Use a negative perspective.

Green Hat: Think Creatively.

Blue Hat: Think broadly.

By analyzing the situation from all the above mentioned six perspectives will give you a clear idea about the situation. This is a must-try technique.

Try the snowball technique

You must have noticed how one great idea often leads directly to another. You should try this snowball technique. If the idea is not appropriate for your current work, set it aside to work on later or implement it in a future project. Creativity can never go in waste, each idea is unique and better from the other. All you need to do is believe in yourself and be ready to take risks. Finalize an idea only when you have approved it and not others when others force you to think that the idea can be approved.

Challenge yourself and create opportunities for creativity

If you know that you are a creative thinker and have ideas that can help in growth then you must keep challenging yourself in order to further advance your abilities. Try new methods, things and processes to keep your creative skills polished and avoid using the same solutions you have used in the past.

Brainstorm to generate new ideas

Brainstorming is again one of the best ways to come up with great ideas. The goal in this is to generate as many ideas as possible in a relatively short span of time. Followed by refining your ideas in order to arrive at the best possible choice.

Thomas N Salzano says when it comes to creativity you need time to think and brainstorm so that you can come up with a creative idea. He suggests practicing the thinking process using the six hats technique as this will help you to know the basic barriers in creative thinking.

Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano aka Thomas N Salzano is a backpacker blogger. Thomas Salzano has written more than 500+ blogs on travel, photography, vacations etc.. till now.

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