Thomas Salzano - 5 Ways to Make Long Haul Flights Less Miserable

Thomas Salzano
Oct 18 · 2 min read

Traveling by plane is mostly a hassle there are always some things that will bug you. Small issues like crying baby or uncomfortable clothes can play a major role in making your journey by flight miserable.

Thomas Salzano is a famous traveler and a blogger who mostly travels by plane and has some tips to share with you all that will help you manage the struggle related to long haul flights.

Here are 5 tips by Thomas to make your long haul flights less miserable:

Tip 1. Reserve a good seat.

Always prefer to book seats in advance so that you have a choice to select. If you get disturbed by crying babies to avoid the front seats of the plane as they are mostly allotted to travelers with babies.

Tip 2. Wear comfortable clothes.

Cloths that allow your body to stretch and are not body fit as they can cause you problems in case of a long haul flight. Issues related to blood circulation, sweat, discomfort, etc. can be caused by body fit clothes. The other thing that you can avoid is heavy jewelry and keep it safe in your bag.

Tip 3. Carry your own snacks and keep your body hydrated.

You can not totally rely on flight food. In case you don’t like the food served you can still survive with your own food. The second thing which you should always consider is to keep yourself hydrated.

Tip 4. Take a nap and remember to carry your sleeping kit.

Long haul flights are very tiring and you should take a nap but sometimes the atmosphere is a bit disturbing and you may not be able to sleep. In this case, your sleeping kit will help and if you don’t have it you can ask for it.

Tip 5. Talk to the person next to you and avoid using your phone.

We all prefer to use our phones while traveling or read books, it’s okay to do so but sometimes during such long fights you feel gloomy and talking to the person next to you will help. Interacting with your co-passengers can make you laugh and enjoy the journey.

These are tips that you should consider with respect to your health and a happy journey. Thomas says that the above-mentioned tips are simple but are neglected by the travelers and later causing trouble for them when they have to deal with such long haul flight.

Thomas Salzano

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Thomas Salzano aka Thomas N Salzano is a backpacker blogger. Thomas Salzano has written more than 500+ blogs on travel, photography, vacations etc.. till now.

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