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Thomas Salzano
Oct 8 · 4 min read

Humans have a special power, they can express their feelings and thoughts through words, gestures, speech, and now technology says Thomas Salzano a famous blogger and a motivational speaker. With the freedom of speech and the freedom to express comes the negative view of others, expectations and pressure to perform better.

People generally focus more on the darker side of the freedom we humans have which gives birth to negative thoughts and low self-confidence. The only mantra which can keep you away from the negativity around you is your “Positive Thoughts and Positive People Who Motivates You To Perform Better” is what Thomas N Salzano feels, as a mentor.

But the question is when you are surrounded by negative thoughts and moreover the negativity has taken over you “How will you stay positive ?”

Here are some tips by Thomas to bring back the positivity you need to keep you trying:

# A positive morning with positive affirmation

We as humans have a habit of overthinking and overreacting. Generally, the morning sets the riddim for the rest of the day. Starting the day with stress about what the day has for you is a bad option. Remember it’s not just you who is answerable or under stress there are many and this is part of life. Change your morning routine and try meditation to balance your thoughts.

The morning is not just to brush your teeth and get ready for work. The morning is about a good cup of tea, refreshment and a self-pamper time to dress well to add some confidence to your personality. Try to walk out with a smile and see the difference.

An extra tip, music will uplift your mood so keep a good collection of songs in your playlist.

# Generally, small things can make you happy so do focus on them more

A perfect day is a myth is what Thomas Salzano explains to all his followers. Even if it’s your wedding you will get pissed off or sad about something or the other. To be stressed is in human nature, especially in the growing age. So as suggested by everyone, focus on the small things which make you happy and enjoy them even if it’s a cup of coffee at work which makes you feel better.

The happier you are the more positive you are and more motivated you feel.

# Remember failures are lessons and not the end

You fail, you make mistakes and yes at times you are unable to perform as per the expectations. This is disappointing for everyone who is facing this situation but now recall your childhood days when you made mistakes and were upset due to the same. Now come back to reality, and narrate the same childhood incident to your friend. I hope you noticed that the incident is no longer a threat or a matter of stress today.

This little message above speaks about the situation that will pass and so will the results. It’s okay if you panic at first but remember that somehow you will manage the situation and the results won’t hurt. Be positive about the fact that you can manage the situation.

# Positive self-talks and keep your focus on the present

You do talk about the negatives in you and blame yourself for the situation you are in. This is wrong as you are killing the little hope of the courage to hold you back to fight with the situation.

When you catch yourself doing this, stop yourself and take a deep breath. Now concentrate on the positive side and feel good about your strength of facing the tough situation.

Concentrate on the present and what can be done now to make things better. You know it right that you cannot change the future but can but efforts today to make the future better. Live in the present and work in the present with a thought that I will laugh at this situation or I will praise myself later when I recall this incident after a few years.

# Surround yourself with people who are positive and encourage you to do better

This is a common lesson your parents and teachers must have thought you. But with the time you lose track and surround yourself with people who are jealous of you and stop you from performing better.

Today, when almost all of you are working or studying one thing that you cannot totally avoid, is negative people around you. The best solution to this is to keep your family or your mentor close to your life events and ask for advice from them even if your friends have a different opinion. A mentor will never guide you wrong more will your parents as they are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. They know the situation and they have the ability to solve the problems with their experience and patience.

These are some simple tips to by Thomas Salzano that will help you to bring back the positivity in your life. Positivity is nothing but the happy feeling you feel which boosts your confidence and yes you can measure it with your smile.

Thomas Salzano

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Thomas Salzano aka Thomas N Salzano is a backpacker blogger. Thomas Salzano has written more than 500+ blogs on travel, photography, vacations etc.. till now.

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