Why the United States is at war with itself
Nafeez Ahmed

Emergence is the antidote to chaos and what that means, in the spirit of complex adaptive systems theory and biological systems, “you don’t need something more to get more,” Murray Gel-Mann. Murry, and the folks at the Santa Fe Institute developed are the original thought leaders on CAS. The ‘more’ in this context herein, is that the understanding of what self-evaluation is and how that changes our relationship to our environment (adaptation) metaphysically, will be the new age. That is, if as Dr. Antonio Damsio says, “we are entering the age of empathy” , then the late Dr. Branden who’s life work centered on self-esteem will come to mean something different that what it is to be currently understood as. Applying systems theory on top of that body of work is novel, but its coming. And that’s good news for humanity, because we can close out this chaos and figure out the next challenge years down range.

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